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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Fee? Tell me more.

Glad you asked. Yes, we have Membership fees associated with the Society. As in any reputable and established Society, there are typically dues associated. These dues help with our marketing and operating costs. So what does it take to be a member? It's pretty easy, we've broken it up to 2 categories, Contributing or Social. We've found it's easier for some to "buyout" the hourly commitment with the Social package. And our time commitment, just 25 a year! Easy peezy, lemon squeezy. Sometimes people are curious what the benefits of membership would be...we'd love to post that here, but don't want to give away ALLLL our secrets - so reach out, we'd love to chat. We CAN tell you, we're a jolly bunch and love to have social outings. We have a vast professional network that is member exclusive, and we LOVE a discount - so we toss a few of those in as well. For our youth, our programs and curriculum is lead designed by teachers and educational leaders. It includes etiquette training, leadership opportunities, project management and required volunteer hour sign off. Once kids have completed the required attendance, they are eligible for the Winter Formal/Cotillion - "Winter Belles & Bowties". This is a Members Only event.

Contributing Membership - $200pp (annually)/$20pp (monthly)

Youth Membership - $50pp (annually)/$10pp (monthly) (parents must participate, sibling discount are applied if more than 1 child)

Social Membership - $400pp (annually)/$40pp (monthly)

I want to get involved, but worried about the committment.

And we TOTALLY get that! This should be fun. We're friends here and that's MOST important. We're here to spread goodness throughout the community and have some fun while we're at it! Most of the event planning is done via virtual world (emails, texts, Zoom calls, etc.). Sometimes committees like to get together make a fun night out it - that's great too. But don't stress, you'll get your hours (it's only 25/yr.) in before you even realize it. Let your kids, friends and neighbors seeing you having fun and serving the community - that is what we're here for. :)


Ready to join? Reach out to

Can't wait to meet you.

How do I know where the money goes that is raised?

What a GREAT question! This is important for everyone to know when they are contributing to ANY charity. Because we are an approved and registered 501c3, our financials are public and available upon request. Often times we are contacted externally asking if we have employment opportunities. We couldn't be more flattered that you would want to work for us. Unfortunately, right now we have zero paid roles and run solely off volunteer energy and community donations.  We are a small Org, and our events raise funds for our vetted beneficiaries with a targeted goal. We pay ourselves back for operational costs of events, and the remaining money goes into our reserves for the next identified cause we are bringing awareness too. Here is to goals of having Belles & Beaus paid positions!

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